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About Me

I'm Janine, a twenty-something year old living next to the ocean in Eastern Canada.  I'm a full-time, scrub-wearing Registered Nurse by day, working primarily in Obstetrics, Labour & Delivery and Gynecology. The rest of my time is spent playing housewife to my darling boyfriend, spending time with friends, making lists, and filling my online shopping carts.  Since scrubs aren't exactly the most flattering choice of clothing, I love to dress up on my days off. I love anything preppy and you will catch me in riding boots 75% of the year. My goal is to someday have a job in education where I can dress up for work (in all fairness, I am probably in the wrong career).

I also love country music, which makes me think that I should have been born in the south. My intolerance for cold makes me think I probably lived there in a past life. That being said, I love being near the ocean and I would gladly spend my entire summer on a boat. And as much as I love fashion, I am not afraid to throw my boots on and head into the woods for the weekend for a camping trip. Don't even get me started on guys who drive trucks..

I also love weddings, passion iced tea lemonade, reading, the color pink, anything glittery and/or sequined, J. Crew, quilted jackets, cream colored furniture, autumn, bows, and my iPhone. Basically, I am your stereotypical white girl.

I started this blog with the intentions of it being a lifestyle blog. I want to document my day-to-day life, even if it really isn't very exciting. I am at the time of my life where I am ready to settle down, make some big decisions and take some wonderful adventures. If you would like to follow along, please do so! Just know that I am blogging myself, in my own little corner of the internet. If you do not agree with my life, you can move right along!